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Master Cloud Builder Specialization - Helping Partners Evolve

You’ve often heard me say that Cisco partners need to continue to evolve their businesses to stay competitive and be successful. As the trend for delivering technology as a service continues, now more than ever partners must evolve their business to support the demand for new consumption models, like cloud and managed services.  And in order to support our partner’s evolution, Cisco is evolving our Partner Program with the availability of the new Master Cloud Builder Specialization.

As I announced at Partner Summit back in April, this new specialization brings together the data center architecture specialization, Cloud Builder designation and adds competencies to deliver solutions like Vblock, Flexpod, and VXI.  Think of the new Master Cloud Builder specialization as the customer’s “one-stop shop” for the highest level of competencies for data center and cloud.

No matter which analyst report you read, the market opportunity for both private and public cloud infrastructure will be billions of dollars over the next several years. The Master Cloud Builder Specialization allows partners to differentiate even further to help capture a greater share of the rapidly growing cloud market.

Partners have a choice in the role they want to play in cloud (Builder, Provider, Reseller) and the level of investment they want to make. Cisco is committed to continuing to invest in the success of our partners, to help you optimize your business value and see the greatest return on your investment in Cisco.

Along with the availability of the new master specialization, Cisco is launching the Cisco Cloud Partner Marketplace. Created based on your feedback, this tool gives partners a place to market and promote their Cisco cloud-based solutions and services.

I encourage you to learn more about the new Master Cloud Builder Specialization and the Cisco Cloud Partner Marketplace and I look forward to our continued journey together in this ever-changing marketplace.

Find out what some of our partners had to say about the Master Cloud Builder Specialization.

Jerry McIntosh, Vice President, Advanced Technology Sales at Cisco Gold and Managed Services Master partner ePlus, said they’re going to start on their Cloud Master certification immediately.

“We’re already Cloud Builder designated. There is immediate value in expanding our Cisco relationship,” he told us. “It’s good to see Cisco recognizing the inter-disciplinary practice that partners have built around private cloud and public cloud infrastructure.”

He also said of the Master Cloud Specialization, “That’s high value that Cisco is recognizing and differentiating that message to the market around folks like us who do that. As opposed to folks who are authorized to resell Nexus UCS or may be authorized to sell storage platforms, but don’t have expertise to integrate that into a FlexPod stack or VXI architecture.”

Neil Wada the Chief Operating Officer at SIGMAnet, a Cisco Master Unified Communications and Master Security partner said, “We were one of the first 10 Cloud Builders nationally, we had a great experience; Cisco was very supportive and there were great benefits.”

Wada said that SIGMAnet plans to get its Master Cloud Builder Specialization, noting that the company sees value in formalizing and acknowledging their work around data center and that they closely follow Cisco architectures today.

“We always lead with architectures, always sell in solutions and architectures vs. product-specific solutions. This [master specialization] is the formalization and acknowledgement that you’re a qualified partner to go ahead and market and sell those architectures.”



Posted 10-11-2012 10:25 AM by Edison Peres
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